Moms & Dads: They're all grown up and where did the time go!? Did it feel like you were just changing diapers? Didn't they just graduate the 6th grade? No more sleep overs or tucking them in at night... Nope, they really are all grown up and ready to take on the real world! They have accomplished so much and now is the perfect time to show your senior how proud you are of them. Give them a gift for that hard work, a photo that they can hand out to friends and put in the year book for a lasting memory.

Seniors: So much happens in your senior year of high school. It is truly the doorway to the adult you are preparing to become. It is the end of a chapter in your life and the start of a very exciting new one. Senior Portraits are some of the most important photos you can have. Why not show off how handsome and beautiful you really are. I want to get to know you because you are unique, amazing, lovely, striking and exciting. We want you to have fun during the session and give you the opportunity to rock your senior photos. Whether you’re on the ball field, playing the violin, wearing your cheerleader outfit or reading your calculus book, I am going to capture who you really are. Bring your props!

I've made it simple - Senior Collections 

Many of my clients create their own packages, however I have created four options for you to choose from; starting at $399. The top package includes a glamour hair and makeup styling for the full experience.