Every child is one-of-a-kind and they deserve unique photos that showcase their personality and spirit. Their personalities are ever evolving. They are spontaneous, curious, energetic, silly and totally unpredictable. Children are encouraged to run around and play, jump from benches, get a little muddy in the park. My goal is to capture the natural smile of your oldest daughter, the gold curls of your little girl’s hair or the way your little boy hunts down that flying butterfly. The best results are the most genuine when the children are able to Forget the camera is even there.

While you are busy planning your pregnancy and new baby’s world down to the very last detail, let me make sure everything is perfect for your maternity photographs. Your shoot will be designed to capture and celebrate your pregnancy and its exceptional memories. When most people think when they hear a woman is pregnant, they think of bulging bellies and glowing faces. But pregnancy brings so much more to the soon-to-be mom. It brings a special beauty to you that should be remembered.

How do you plan formal family portraits with a rambunctious two-year-old? First, scrap the “formal” part. Let go of any expectations of cooperation and think more along the lines of loosely controlled chaos. Your session will be laid back and fun, not stuffy and posed inside a tight studio. We would love find out what makes your family special and unique and capture that on film for you to remember for a lifetime.

So much happens in your senior year of high school. It is truly the doorway to the adult you are preparing to become. It is the end of a chapter in your life and the start of a very exciting new one. Senior Portraits are some of the most important photos you can have. Why not show off how handsome and beautiful you really are. We want to get to know you because you are unique, amazing, lovely, striking and exciting. We want you to have fun during the session and give you the opportunity to rock your senior photos. Whether you’re on the ball field, playing the violin, wearing your cheerleader outfit or reading your calculus book, we are going to capture who you really are. Bring your props!

Capturing those adorable sleeping baby portraits, the younger the baby the better. Babies under two weeks old are extra sleepy, have beautiful skin, and can be “folded” easily, just like in mommy’s tummy. It is wonderful to document all the features that disappear soon after birth, such as wrinkly skin, tiny toes, and new belly buttons.

Every couple is unique. You have your own dreams, journeys, stories and style. We love getting to know the real you. You are more than a client and we feel fortunate to call our couples friends. You deserve beautiful photographs that you will fall in love with. We work with couples to give you more than just great photos – we will give you photos that capture your love, personalities, and heart.