There's something very special about having a child! So, while you are busy planning your pregnancy and newborn's world down to the very last detail, let me make sure everything is perfect for you and your family. Your session will be designed to capture and celebrate your pregnancy and its exceptional memories. When most people think they hear a woman is pregnant, they think of bulging bellies and glowing faces. But pregnancy brings so much more to the soon-to-be mom. It brings a special beauty to you that should be remembered.


Who doesn't love cute, cuddly and squishy newborns? Capturing those adorable sleeping baby moments are priceless and it is wonderful to document all the features that disappear soon after birth, such as wrinkly skin, tiny toes, and new belly buttons.

These are the priceless moments and the first days of your newborns' life when they are perfect. This amazing and unique creation is about to start their journey and their first portraits should be just as amazing and unique. Here are some things to remember for your newborns' session;
  • A typical newborn session to consider is at least 2-3 hours. It may seem like a lot, but a good amount of this time is soothing your baby, feeding your baby, possibly changing your baby and posing your baby.
  • It is best to book your session when you are pregnant to ensure my availability. I then stay in touch with you and book around your due date and will plan accordingly and be flexible with the possibility of early or late delivery. 
  • The best time to take photos is when your baby is 5-12 days old. Babies under two weeks old are extra sleepy, have beautiful skin, and can be “folded” easily, just like in mommy’s tummy.
  • I bring a small space heater with me to help keep the area around baby comfortable and warm. 
  • Bring a pacifier, this is important, even if you do not plan on using one, it helps soothe baby when posing and getting them into that deep sleep. 
  • For parent/baby photographs, I recommend parents wear solid colors - no patterns.
  • ​Bring plenty of diapers and food for the baby weather nursing or bottle feeding bring more than you think you will need. 

They grow up so fast! Every child is one-of-a-kind and they deserve unique photos that showcase their personality and spirit. Their personalities are ever evolving. They are spontaneous, curious, energetic, silly and totally unpredictable. Children are encouraged to run around and play, jump from benches and get a little muddy in the park. My goal is to capture the natural smile of your oldest daughter, the gold curls of your little girl’s hair or the way your little boy hunts down that flying butterfly. The best results are the most genuine when the children are able to forget the camera is even there.

First birthdays are so much fun! They are a reason for celebration! There simply is no better way to capture your child's first birthday than with a cake smash session and a wonderful time for everyone (mostly your little). You are also welcome to do some non-cake smashing pictures before your child starts with the cake smashing. It's recommended that you bring at least one extra outfit for traditional first birthday pictures should you choose. A small 6-8 inch cake will be provided for your session and we encourage the use of props, playfulness, getting messy and just having some good old fashion fun.