Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tips For Getting a Great Headshot | Minnesota Headshots

Don’t let your headshots be an epic fail. 

Headshots are not just for actors or actresses trying to get a new roll! 

Today, it is a way of marketing yourself. You could be a realtor, dentist, entrepreneur or maybe you just want a great Facebook profile image! Headshots play a huge roll in connecting you to your consumers and establish your credibility and put a face with your resume.

This is not about being glamorous, but capturing the real you, because that is who people are connecting with.

How do you prepare for your headshot? Here are some tips for getting a great headshot!

Hire a Professional 
Don’t ask a friend who happens to have a “good” camera. And don’t rely on your iPhone to do the job.  Instead, invest in a photographer who has experience taking headshots for many industries. You will want someone who knows how to achieve the ideal lighting for the look you want.

Select the Right Location 
Your headshots should reflect who you are and show some personality. Try to avoid shooting in a studio because they will look like every other headshot that has been taken. There are many indoor and outdoor locations in the Twin Cities that allow for a great background, but highlight You!

Wear Something That Suits You
The focal point should be your face, not the neon green shirt you are wearing. Go for classic looks. Do not wear the latest trends because you do not want your photos to be outdated sooner than they should be. Your clothes should reflect your personality and the persona you would like to portray!
Solid colors are best
Plain shirt to start with, then add accessories, such as necklaces or scarves
Bring 2-3 different shirts so you have a selection to pick from
Iron! No wrinkles in clothes are allowed
Lint free zone! Bring a lint roller

Put On Your Best Face (and Hair) 
Don’t go the salon and get a brand new hair style, just get a trim. Don’t go overboard with heavy makeup or a new look! Stay with who you are. Be natural and cover up blemishes. During the shoot, add more (or darker) makeup as the session goes on. The night before, exfoliate your lips with a sugar & olive oil scrub to remove dead skin. Avoid looking like an Oompa Loompa by not over tanning or extensive exfoliating the night before. Men: Avoid the 5 o’clock shadow by shaving right before the session. If you can afford one, hire a hair stylist and makeup artist that can stay with you during the shoot. PS – I know a great one!

Don’t Be Nervous 
Don’t be afraid of the lens. You want to make a personal connection to your audience, so make eye contact and be confident. Think of it as meeting someone for the first time.

Prepare Before The Shoot
Bring extra makeup and moisturizer to the shoot for touch-ups
Females: Bring gloss for shine
Males: Bring lip balm for soft lips
Bring a brush and hair products to help with fly-aways
Style your hair down and then we can pull it back for a casual look
Determine what side is your “better side”
Practice your expressions and smiles in the mirror
Prepare some songs on a playlist to help you get comfortable during the shoot

Don’t Forget To Update Your Headshots
Obviously, you don’t want to use the same headshot on your website, LinkedIN profile or in your portfolio 20 years down the road. You will want to get your headshots retaken every couple years to stay relevant and fresh.

Looking for a headshot photographer in Minneapolis/St. Paul? 
If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and are interested in having headshots taken, contact Honeybee Photography MN. We will make sure to utilize the Minnesota landscape and structures to achieve your idea headshot that reflects you and your personality.


  1. These are great tips! So many people put in tons of effort for their website, business cards, and attire, but completely neglect their profile picture. It's your first impression and should show the best possible version of you, but in a genuine way.

  2. Wonderful pointers! Headshots are so successful when done well!

  3. Great tips. I agree, always hire a pro!

  4. Great tips on getting great headshots!