Monday, August 25, 2014

Twin City Fritter & Philly | Food Truck Photography | TwinTown Philly

Twin City Fritter & Philly Company food truck is a mobile food truck specializing in full handmade fritters and classic philly’s (with a twist). They cruise around the Twin Cities filling bellies from city to city. Owned and operated by JJ McKay, a friend of mine, they hit the streets this summer for the first time and they are doing well! People line up outside the Phillymobile to try their beef or chicken philly’s and wash it down with a Whistler soda, which is bottled here in the Twin Cities. But, don’t forget about their fritters! YUM!

They recently visited Mendota Heights at the Food Truck Friday’s event, held every Friday in the summer! This is where I captured the “life” of the truck!  You can see these photos featured on the Twin City Fritter & Philly Facebook page.

Check out my husband’s food blog, Gnaw Blog, to ready about his experience with the TCFP truck!

For more information about the Food Truck Friday summer event in Mendota Heights, please visit their Facebook page!


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    1. Thank you for sharing this truck with us! I actually run a summer event that you should check out!

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