Friday, January 31, 2014

Recreating Childhood Photos | Photography Trend

It seems to be the latest photo trend on the web…families recreating photos taken from their childhood as adults.

What does this mean exactly? 

Well, families (sometimes even groups of friends) do their best to mimic original images taken from their past; imitating facial expressions and hairstyles, dressing in the same or similar outfits, striking the same poses and even recreating the background or other accessories in the original photograph.

Some siblings have done this as a gift to their parents, others recreate these poses from their past just for fun. I find myself thinking that some of these images are creepy, while others show how much family members have grown over the amount of time, and some are just plain funny.

Some of the baby photos I have seen recreated are by far the most hilarious! They make great additions to the awkward family photo site you may have seen.

Using modern technology like editing software helps the new photographs look “old”.

Here are some that I have found over the past year.  Keep in mind, these photos are not taken by Honeybee Photography.

If you are interested in setting up a session to recreate your own childhood photos, please contact us!


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