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Inver Grove Heights Patch Feature | How Honeybee Photography Started

Honeybee is very excited to be featured on the Inver Grove Heights Patch news site. Back in April they reached out to ask if we would like to be featured in their business spotlight. We were honored!
Honeybee Photography Twin Cities Best Photographer Featured IGH Patch

They wanted to know how I got into the business and what my favorite thing was about what I do. There were so many things that ran through my head and many reasons why I love what I do!

My mind wondered back to when I got my first camera in grade school. I remember I couldn’t stop taking pictures. They were of my younger sister eating in her highchair, birds, clouds, the couch, my brother napping. You name it, I photographed it. I am sure I can find some of those photos in a box somewhere.

At some point during my childhood, my dad bought a 35mm camera and he was the one who would come to all of our sporting events and take photos of us kids. He would sit at the end of the fence during softball or up in the balcony at volleyball snapping away. Not only was it fun to see the end result, but it also helped me learn about my positioning on the court. Wow, photography helped me with volleyball? Who knew?

My passion started about 15 years ago. It was around that time that I started to realize how important it was to have these photos! Wherever I went, a camera was in my bag. At this point in time, I was capturing memories for myself and my scrapbooking habit.

I started to receive many compliments, which started to spark some ideas! As mentioned in the Patch article, the first time someone asked me to photograph their family was 5 years ago. My girlfriend just had a baby and she wanted photos to capture her tiny toes, small fingers, wrinkles, and smile. Because she was “family” I didn’t charge her for them. My first gig was free.

My hobby has turned into a part-time job for me and I love what I do! Even when I am NOT looking through the lens, I find myself taking photos with my eyes. Mental photos!

I LOVE capturing honest, fun-loving and everyday life; the ordinary moments that we all take for granted. I love making seniors feel beautiful during their session. I love capturing laughter of children interacting with each other. I love knowing that my photographs are hanging on the walls of my clients. I love donating my time to charities and gift certificates to fundraisers. I love bringing out the personalities of each client. I love having fun during the sessions with my clients.

One of the most memorable sessions I had was during one of my senior shoots when our vehicles were broken into while we were shooting off Concord Avenue. Read all about it here on my Walking on Broken Glass blog.

  • Thanks to my dad for buying his camera and showing me how important it was to capture memories.
  • Thanks to my husband for assisting me a photo shoots and allowing me to spend my spare time doing what I love to do!
  • Thank you to James Sanna for reaching out and writing the story about Honeybee!

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