Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breast Cancer 3-Day 2007 Short Story

With all the attention Angelina Jolie has brought to this topic I thought it timely to share the story about my first Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk experience with you through a series of blogs.

This is the first blog in my series, which is the short version of my first 3-Day Walk from 2007!

This was one of the most amazing things I have ever participated in! There were so many wonderful memories made over the 3 days we spent walking around the Twin Cities. More than 2,500 walkers participated in the 2007 Twin Cities Breast Cancer 3-day walk. It began in the early morning on Friday, August 24th at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, wound through the northern suburbs and many St. Paul neighborhoods before heading into Minneapolis on Sunday where everyone would finish at Boom Island Park later that afternoon. The entire route covered 60 miles.

Day One kicked off after the emotional Opening Ceremonies, we began our exciting journey and were greeted immediately by the first of many groups of supporters – as a young family decked out in all pink cheered us on from their front yard. Pit Stop 1 kept things lively with their circus theme, complete with clowns! At our much-deserved lunch break, we were entertained by a fantastic group of Irish Celtic dancers. And then it was back on the road – continuing along the beautiful route and enjoying some amazing scenery and incredible community support.

Day Two was another day of beautiful walking weather. Supporters were out again in full force, and lots of dogs joined their owners to cheer us on! The crew kept us entertained with their costumes and themes, which included some fashionable grass skirts and shell bras, a flashback to Woodstock, and a trip down the yellow brick road. Many locals were out-side enjoying the beautiful weather – from artists painting out-doors to some great  drummers near Phalen Lake who provided a nice beat to walk to.

Day Three was a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. The end of the route was amazing and we were warmly welcomed into Holding by fellow walkers and crew members, where we relaxed for a bit and celebrated a job well done. Closing Ceremonies was packed and served as an emotional and inspiring conclusion to our journey.

Fast Facts:
•    Melissa Raised $4,300
•    DeVaan’s Divas Team Raised - $13,449
•    Melissa Walked 57 of the 60 Miles
•    2,500 Twin Cites Walkers Raised over $6.5 Million
•    1 of 20 Walkers Were Men

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