Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Breast Cancer 3-Day 2007 Day One Medical Tent | Dinner | Quiet Time

DAY ONE – Friday, August 24, 2007

Medical Tent – After the first days walk and shower, I needed to get my feet fixed up and taped to cover my enormous blisters. They were the hugest blisters I had ever seen. When I arrived there were about 40 people already in the tent and waiting in line. Their injuries ranged from blisters, pulled muscles, twisted ankles, sore knees, heat exhaustion, dehydration and many more injuries. The medical tent was supplied with a good array of emergency medical equipment and experienced doctors and nurses, who were all very supportive and super friendly. Yes, I, Melissa “Paparazzi on the Radio” even took pictures of the nurse draining my blisters as I laid on the table. Yeah…I know it is gross, but I couldn’t resist.

Dinner – Dinner is served from 4:00pm to 9:00pm at the dinner area, under a huge white tent with tables and chairs to rest and eat in the shade. Dinner the first night was spaghetti, green beans, breadsticks, salad and an Éclair (or as Angie would say, an Eau Clair). During dinner, the staff leads a group stretch so walkers don’t get cramped up. Again, it was amusing to see people, still holding their dinner forks, stand up and bend over to stretch.

Shhhhhh….Quiet Time – After dinner, Angie, Chris, D and I made our way back to our tents for Gigglefest 2007. We were so tired that everything was funny! It could have been a result of being lightheaded from the ounces of Bengay we spread all over our legs. 9:00pm was designated as quite time in camp. Talking in the tent city should be kept to a whisper, and no radios or music after the 9pm hour. The walkers were coached on how to quietly shut the PJ door instead of allowing it to bang shut, but as we went to bed at 8:15pm, we continued to hear the bangs of the doors, which got overwhelmingly annoying. All that said – bring earplugs. My first night sleep was severely restless, as we did not have an air pump for our air mattresses. Needless to say, sleeping on the hard ground with a stick the size of a canoe under my back was not enjoyable. Also, I had to sleep with my feet up on my suitcase to alleviate some swelling and throbbing blisters.

Day 1 was over and it was amazing!

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