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Breast Cancer 3-Day 2007 Day One Lunch | Walking Into Camp | Camp Life

DAY ONE – Friday, August 24, 2007

Lunch – Halfway through our route, we enjoyed our lunch break at Pinewood Elementary School in Mounds View. Lunch was efficiently laid out with sandwiches (chicken, turkey & Mexican wraps), chips, cookies, pasta salad, along with water & sports drink. Lunch time was the recommended time to change into a fresh pair of socks to help eliminate the chance of blisters. The first day, we grabbed our food and made our way down the hill of the softball field to a shaded area to eat. This is when I noticed my first blisters. While walking down the hill, I felt it break. POP! OUCH! After lunch and a stretch, I made my way to the medical tent to get my heels taped up. The medical staff was amazing! How they could keep going, day-after-day, touching feet all day long, is beyond my comprehension! Following the fixer-up, we made our way through Rice Creek Park and along the streets of Shoreview. We started to play the Alphabet Name Game along the way, which made the walks between pit stops go by faster. (George Clooney, Charles Manson, Martin Skoula, Sean Penn….) We gave high-fives to the men and women of the safety crew, who made sure we crossed safely at each intersection. The safety crew rode to their designated areas on their motorcycles, which were playing loud music to help us along our way. Oh…and don’t forget one of our key HOT motivators on the safety crew – Tattoo TONY!

Walking into Camp – Finally, after walking 19.6 miles, we came to the end of our first day. Angie and I questioned the accuracy of the signs posted that read “Pit Stop – 1 Mile Ahead” – it always seemed more like 2 miles. Due to the trail layout, our last pit stop in Shoreview was our final stop – we were bused to our camp at Harvest Park in Maplewood. After the 20 minute bus ride, we hobbled off the bus and entered camp to the loud and excited cheers of the crew who were lined up on both sides of the path to welcome each and every walker into camp. It never got old walking into camp and being welcomed. It made me feel a sense of accomplishment – just having walked 20 miles that day! It was amazing to see all the crew standing there in a line on each side of the walk, cheering like they just got there and were so proud of each walker!

Camp Life – The tent area was set up neatly in straight lines (F87 was our spot) made up of small bright pink tents, with the gear dropped nearby. When we arrived into camp, a little after 3pm on the first day, we had to go pick up our tent and gear by the gear trucks. Our tent was located ½ way through camp, one row from the PJs. Walkers were supposed to set up their own tents, but my teammate Deanna had some friends who were on the gear crew who offered to set up our tents for us! That was so great of them!  When we dropped off our gear at our site, we grabbed our shower stuff and headed to the showers. The showers were provided in shower semi -truck trailers. These have an open area for changing and shower stalls with curtains for showering. Along the walk, we were worried that it was going to be a large open area – for all to see. We got a good laugh about that. Long lines form later in the day, so it is a good idea to get your shower while the line is short or you could be waiting a while. We got our shower in right away.

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