Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Winter Wonderland

Yes, this post was created on April 23rd, 2013! You heard me right – APRIL 23rd! As of 8:00 am CST this morning, the total snow fall from last night through early this am around the metro was 3-5”. It was the heavy, wet, slushy kind of snow. Some of the southern suburbs saw 5-6”. In Inver Grove, we got 5”.
While I was looking into the total snow fall, I came across an article written by Paul Douglas, a nationally respected meteorologist with 33 years of television and radio experience form the Twin Cities. He reported that July is the only month where snow hasn’t been observed somewhere in Minnesota. Can you believe that?

They are predicting 70 degree temps in a few days, so we are going from shin deep wet snow to summer? Yep, we are pretty much skipping spring this year! Sad, because it is my favorite season, but I try to look on the bright side because winter is, gulp, hopefully over!

While most people are cringing at the fact that we have snow in April in Minnesota, I thought today was beautiful! I grabbed my camera this morning, took a detour into work and took some amazing photos (that I will edit and upload soon).

My beautiful April winter wonderland!

This photo was taken with my cell phone.