Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project365 - Week 2

The streak continues. I have now taken a photo a day for two weeks! Yeah me. I am crossing my fingers that I continue on this road for the rest of the year. We are now past the holidays and have begun our "normal" schedules. It has been a hectic week and it is only January.

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January 8 - Rosie Sunrise
Still life was the inspiration today. The rose was from my aunts funeral this past week. I woke up and the rose was highlighted by the sunrise. It was beautiful to remember her this way.
Canon EOS Rebel XS, f /32, 1 sec., ISO-200

January 9 - Love Found in a Junk Drawer
In a drawer was the inspiration today. Easy. I have many full drawers at work, so I opened the most fun one, the junk drawer. The place where I toss all the straggler stuff, including my CDs.
Canon PowerShot ELPH 300, F/2.7, 1/40 sec., ISO 400 

January 10 - Bananagrams
Inpiration - Game. Who doesn't love games? This was hard to determine which of the games to photograph, as we have a shelves full of games. So I picked the one we last played.
Canon EOS Rebel XS, f /32, 1 sec., ISO-200

January 11 - A New Signature
Inspiration - Signature. This past year I was married so I had to get use to signing a new signature. Yes, you are right, they are too similar, but that is ok cause it makes it easy for me.
Samsung Galaxy 2, f/2.6, 1/15 sec., ISO-400

January 12 - Fish In A Row
Inspiration - Mini. We like our Goldfish and we don't even have any children.
Canon EOS Rebel XS, f /5, 0.8 sec., ISO-1600

January 13 - 1448 Kent
Inspiration - Forgotten. Don't you just love going back to your past and remembering all the good times you use to have at a specific place? Well, this the home I grew up in. While it looks so small now, it still holds a big piece of my heart and childhood.
Canon PowerShot ELPH, f/2.8, 1/600 sec., ISO-100

January 14 - Temptation
Inspiration - Temptation. I am pretty sure this says it all.
Canon EOS Rebel SX, f/4.5, 1/3 sec., ISO-400

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Project365 - Week 1

WOW! It is hard to believe that a week has already passed in 2013. That means I made it through one week of the Project365 Photo Challenge!  I can actually say I have enjoyed it so far. It has not been challenging, yet, and it has been fun to have photography on the brain all day long. My husband even asks if I have taken my daily photo. This week I shot my photos with my Cannon EOS, Cannon Elph and Samsung Galaxy.

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January 1 - Below Zero
We woke up to negative 7 degrees. My husband had the idea of boiling some water and tossing it into the air to see what happens. What a great way to start this project.
Canon EOS Rebel XS, f 7.1, 1/500 sec., ISO-400

January 2 - Resolution
On January 2nd, I came back to work after the holidays to a mess on my desk. I can't blame anyone else besides myself. It is time to become more organized and neat at work.
Samsung Galaxy 2, f/2.6, 1/60 sec., ISO-50

January 3 - Fish for Dinner
Who doesn't love fish for dinner, especially when it involves Goldfish. We were snacking on the Goldfish while making dinner when the idea hit me.
Canon EOS Rebel XS, F/4, 1/10 sec., ISO-1600

January 4 - Parked at Peking
The hubby was sick this week so we decided to pick up wonton soup from Peking Cafe, because he is convinced that the soup has "healing" powers. After I picked up our order I was walking back to my car and noticed this beauty of a vehicle.
Canon PowerShot ELPH 300, F/5, 1/4 sec., ISO 3200

January 5 - I Loved Her First
My husband and I own another business called The G Group, which we provide DJ services for weddings and events. We DJed a wedding the first weekend in January for a close friend of my husband. The beautiful bride and her father shared a wonderful moment on the dance floor that needed to be captured. Because I didn't bring my big purse, I didn't have my point and shoot camera. This was taken with my cell phone.
Samsung Galaxy 2, f/2.6, 1/15 sec., ISO-400

January 6 -Minnesota Beach
We received a lot of snow in December. Our deck has not been shoveled in a while, which left a perfectly smooth snow pack. Why not put my starfish in the "sand". If I can't go to the beach, I will make the beach come to me.
Canon PowerShot ELPH, f/2.7, 1/60 sec., ISO-160

January 7 - Honeybee
My great aunt, Bee, passed away this past week. She is my namesake. Her first name was Bernice and everyone called her honeybee. Melissa means honeybee. This is how Honeybee Photography came to be.
Canon EOS Rebel SX, f/4, 1/60 sec., ISO-400

Sunday, January 6, 2013

B Family | Naughty Or Nice | South St. Paul Family Photography

He's making a list and checking it twice.
He's going to find out who's naughty or nice.
Santa Claus is comin' to town.

I am pretty sure that Abby and Alex were both on Santa’s nice list this Christmas. What a wonderful family to work with this holiday season! The family was so much fun to get to know. I loved spending the afternoon with them. Abby and Alex were full of excitement and they were pros in front of the camera. You could tell right away how much they loved mommy and daddy.

The kids in girl and boy land will have a jubilee.
They're going to build a toyland, all around the Christmas tree.