Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alicia | Walking On Broken Glass | Inver Grove Heights Senior Photography

Alicia: Senior

Alicia is one sweet and beautiful girl! She has many passions, but one of her biggest ones is bowling.  She is very proud of her success as a team and as an individual. We had quite the adventure during her session that involved “big foot”, the police and vacuuming. During the session we kept hearing lots of movement in the woods on either side of the walking path, but were much bigger than birds or squirrels. So we just chalked that up to “Big Foot” and kept on our way. As we were making our way back to the parking lot, we noticed that the windows to both of our vehicles were busted out and our belongings were taken; Purses, cell phones, computers. We called the police who wrote up a report. Alicia’s father is a volunteer firefighter in Inver Grove, so we drove our cars to the station where we were able to vacuum out all the glass. It was a very “exciting” evening and we now have a forever bond and a lesson learned. I wish Alicia all the best for her future!

Photos Taken on 9.25.12